Learn to Surf

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From beginner to pro the wet suit is an essential part of the tool kit when hitting the surf off Torquay, in the cooler southern waters. But let’s face it they are neither easy to get into (or out of) and are not really flattering unless you are a super model. But what they do for you, as a surfer is magical. Firstly, you feel the part, all tightly snug in neoprene you look like all the others, no one can tell if you are a first timer or if you have been at it for years. Secondly, you are warm and toasty


With the sun on your back, saltwater, sand, clear water and fresh foamy waves, there really is no better place to start to learn to surf than Torquay. But, remember it’s one thing to know how to stand up on the board and carve those waves with precision, but there is one more thing you must know before catching a wave – surf etiquette 101. Observe right of way, don't drop in, don't snake, don't hog the waves, do apologise, respect the locals and the beach, help others, surf spots that suit your ability.
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