A series of flowing channels connected by bike paths and bridges make Anglesea River a popular destination for activities such as fishing from one of the many platforms, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing or hiring a paddle boat. The wide river is ideal for numerous activities to suit all ages. The many bbq’s and tables along the riverbank also make it an ideal picnic area.
The river and its surroundings is also an important habitat for native wildlife including owls, possums, echidnas, kangaroo and wallabies, as well as native fish, eels and many species of waterbird.


Point Roadknight Beach is a fave with young families. Both beaches are patrolled in summer. For rock pooling, dog running or beach walking, head to Back Beach or Urquhart Bluff.

Anglesea is a hub for two-wheel adventure. Families love the all-level challenge of Anglesea Bike Park is a world-class mountain cross track purpose-built for all ages. And Parks Victoria has now approved Anglesea’s Eumerella Trails, a long-time favourite of MTBers, for public use.  


Offering natural beauty and easy access the Surf Coast Walk is a world class walking destination for all levels. Coast through scenic landscapes one section at a time - through Torquay, Anglesea and Aireys Inlet and everything in between.

Play a round at Anglesea with its resident kangaroo population, a must for anyone from abroad. These iconic Australian native animals live in the nearby forest and spend their days as unofficial greenkeepers lounging on the fairways.


Skill-up the whole fam-bam with a beginner surfing lesson.Waist-deep water, safe beach and belly-laughing family fun.  Main Beach’s shallow waves are your ideal learn-to-surf spot and home to our award-winning surf school, Go Ride a Wave. Imagine your whole gang tackling their first waves together in a safe setting, under pro guidance. 



“Our Surf Coast landscape is made for adventure. It supports an incredible breadth of pathways into outdoor adventure from beginner through to hard core. Not just trail running; there’s surfing, SUP, kayaking, mountain biking, trail walking and more. You can start with a lesson in the estuary, shallows or on a well-formed path then graduate to bigger waves or backcountry trails, the ocean or the Otways. When you’re ready, your next challenge is always there. Plus all the infrastructure you need: equipment hire, tour operators, accommodation, cafés, camps and organised events like Kids Adventures Outdoors (KAOS) Anglesea, a weekend festival introducing kids to a bunch of new outdoor activities. With trail running, there’s a myriad of trails with various challenge levels. You can go as hard as you like, yet never be far from a great coffee!  Start with an easy event like Roo Run, Bells Beach Bash or Pathways into Adventure. Afterglow and then progress to the Surf Coast Trail Marathon or Surf Coast Century (100km).  For people who haven’t grown up near the bush, these stepping stones from novice to intermediate and beyond can help create lifelong habits and connection to the outdoors.  And it’s all anchored in our remarkable land and seascapes.”
CHRIS ORD, Tour de Trails, Anglesea