There’s a whole coastline waiting for you! Anglesea boasts some of the best beaches in Australia for surfing, whether you’re a tiny beginner or a plucky daredevil. Anglesea Main Beach is perfect for learning the ropes and littlies can find their feet at Point Roadknight’s protected cove with gentler waves. When you’re ready … step up to intermediate and advanced surfing spots nearby. Find world-famous reef breaks in the Bells Beach Surfing Recreation Reserve, just east of town.



As one of the Great Ocean Road’s safest beaches, Anglesea Main Beach is a natural learn-to-surf locale. Why not skill-up the whole fam-bam with a beginner surfing lesson with a local surf school? It’s worry-free thrills – waist-deep water, safe beach and belly-laughing family fun.
Both Main Beach and Point Roadknight are patrolled during the summer period.


From beginner to pro, the wet suit is an essential part of the surfer toolkit in our cooler southern waters. But let’s face it, wetsuits are neither easy to get into (or out of) and are not super flattering unless you’re a super model! What they do for you as a surfer is magical! Firstly, you look and feel the part all tightly snug in neoprene – no one can tell if you’re a first timer or seasoned surfer. Secondly, you’re warm and toasty. That’s why surf lessons usually include use of a wetsuit. Going solo? You can gear-up at a local surf retailer in town. 

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With the sun on your back, saltwater, sand, clear water and fresh foamy waves, there’s really no better place to try out surfing. Before you hit the waves, you just need to understand surf etiquette 101 – observe right of way, don't drop in, don't snake, don't hog the waves, do apologise, respect the locals and the beach, help others and only surf spots that suit your ability. Now, don’t waste a minute … that next cracker of a set is waiting for you.

Local Knowledge

"Anglesea has some of the best beaches in Australia for surfing. With perfect beginner beaches at Anglesea main beach, and a great children’s beach at protected cove with gentle waves at Point Roadknight. We also have some great intermediate and advance surfing beaches nearby. We have the numerous beach breaks just west of the township, and the world famous reef breaks in the Bells Beach Surfing Recreation Reserve just to the east of the township." Nathan Taylor - Go Ride A Wave

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