Anglesea Mountain biking 152


GET OFF THE BEATEN TRACK, ditch the skinny tyres and lycra, and get some off-road action in the majestic scenery of the Great Ocean Road and its hinterland. Anglesea spoils off-road cyclists for choice, with purpose-built mountain bike tracks and rolling terrain criss-crossing the region. Have a go, get lost and laugh all the way home. 

Grab your bike and take a two-wheel hike through Anglesea’s scenic bushland. Pedal named-as-they-are mountain bike trails: Beach View and Kangaroos Trail, the Best of Anglesea Ride, Wildflower and Wattle Ride, and Anglesea Heath Mountain Bike Adventure. Bring your mountain bike and gear-up before exploring the Great Otway National Park on tracks around Eumeralla plus named tracks throughout the park (seasonal closures apply).  The local mountain-biking community are working to have the trails around Anglesea formalised.  Drop into Trailhead Bike Co. or Blue Dirt Mountain biking while you’re in Anglesea to find out more.

Discover your first riding adventure together along the Anglesea River! Wind-sheltered and valley-nestled, it’s a perfect environment for kids to get out there and have a go. Jump off a pirate ship, ride a kid-friendly mountain bike trail, pop a wheelie off a jump at a bike park, then splash in or on the water. If you can’t get a little dirty, muddy or breathless, you’re not even trying!

I am a downhill ride with your feet off the pedals.